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Monday, January 9, 2012

UTS Unity Transport Service - Auroville (Travels & Car Rentals) | Auroville, Service, Transport, Tra - Pondicherry Local Search Engine

  • Location:
    Auroville Main Road,
    Auroville, 605101
    Pondicherry India
  • Phone No: :
  • Contact No: :
  • Email ID: :


About us

  • Auroville Unity Transport Service to meet all your transportation needs.
  • Our drivers all have more than 10 years of experience and speak good English.
  • Our drivers have uniforms and Id cards and mobile phones.
  • All our vehicles are fully passenger insured.
  • Auroville taxi share service to Chennai airport.


  • Provides emergency trips for Aurovilians and to surrounding villages.
  • Contributes to Auroville central fund.


  • To provide eco-friendly vehicles within the community
  • To support elderly Aurovillians.
  • To train women drivers.
  • To provide car phones.

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